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The Initiative for Better and Humane Inclusion (IBHI) is a non-governmental organisation (think tank) registered at the BiH level.

Mission: IBHI works on strengthening social inclusion, reduction  of poverty and the risk of poverty in all its aspects and providing expert assistance in capacity-building of governmental institutions and non-governmental organisations by contributing to a dynamic social and economic development in accordance with EU standards.  The basis for all IBHI results is transparency and accountability in our work, where IBHI makes a great contribution to strengthening ownership oif local partners and results sustainability.

Through numerous projects, IBHI has focused its activities on the fulfilment of these goals:

  • Producing studies, analyses and reports in the field of human development, the NGO sector and social policy,
  • Strengthening and capacity building of institutions within the governmental and non-governmental sector for policy development;
  • Supporting municipalities and public institutions in capacity building for planning and policy development, in particular in the field of social policy.
  • Capacity building of local NGO’s with aims to improve their sustainability, including advisory services and technical support to local authorities and NGO sector regarding to policy development issues.

IBHI also dedicates a lot of its activities to the research of human development, social exclusion and poverty, reforms of social protection in all levels of government and the creation of favourable conditions for its self-sustainability, as well as to the development and support to the creation of a sustainable civil society in BiH.

IBHI has published a large number of publications (studies, analyses, reports) regarding human rights, social inclusion and poverty, the local NGO sector, social policy and social protection reforms, gender equality, etc. It has also, through presentations and papers, taken part in over 40 international conferences.

In 2009, IBHI received two international awards from UNDP and OECD for „excellence in measurement“ for the development of an original methodology for measurement of social exclusion in UNDP/IBHI; NHDR „Social Inclusion in BiH – 2007“.

During its activities, IBHI has established cooperation with UN organisations, such as: UNDP, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNIFEM, UNOPS, World Bank, OHCHR, as well as with governments of Finland, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain; Multilateral and bilateral government organisations – DFID, OSCE, SDC, USAID; international non-governmental organisations – OSI, CARE, IRC, OXFAM, World Vision, Save the Children UK, BTD, TIRI; consulting firms - Birks-Sinclair & Associates Ltd (UK), KEK-CDC (Switzerland), LSE, Helsinki Consulting Group, Triple Line, etc. IBHI has established partnerships with local institutions in BiH, and cooperates closely with state ministries, as well as entity, canton and municipal authorities, BiH universities and other independent research institutions and companies. It also maintains very successful cooperation with local NGOs and other organisations implementing activities at the level of local communities.

The IBHI office is located in Sarajevo. Dr. Žarko Papić is the Director of IBHI.